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From the Sages -- BY CATEGORY!
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Wisdom -- Gube! Comforting reminder -- Malachi!
Wonderful Dream -- Suzanne Stroh! What Teachers Make -- From Nevada Smith!
Life -- Grandpa Dewey! Letter to Mom -- Grandpa Dewey! **
Family -- Gube! If tomorrow -- Author: Unknown! **
Jenny's story -- Jenny Blad-Benes! Today -- From Shirley C.! **
BeBe -- Suzanne Stroh! Walk by Faith! -- Unknown!
Precious lord -- Originated by?! The still small voice -- Oswald Chambers!
Daily Thoughts -- Shirley C.! Lesson in Leadership -- A janitor!
Remember the apron -- Pat P.! I believe! -- Helen P.
The Wooden Bowl -- Uncle Phil! When I'm Gone - Mrs. Lyman Hancock!
IOU Mom!



Explanation of God -- Danny D! A cabin prayer -- Dick Funnell!
My Shepherd -- Anonymous! Side of the road -- Fm Rainee!
Jonah -- By a little lady! Gone Home -- By Chris G. for Gube! **
Dear Mr. God -- By Andy! The way I Am -- Fm Rainee! **