1. Most pages in our site contain simple music players. Some are hidden but play only one or two songs.
  2. The player will either already be playing music when you go to a page or you must choose how to start a player.
  3. You can scroll up or down the play list by using the scroll button on the right side of the player.
  4. On the very top of each player are the control buttons. Which are (from left to right) PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, BACK, and FORWARD.
  5. You can start the player by clicking on the play button or simply clicking on a song in the play list.
  6. You can PAUSE or STOP the list by clicking on the PAUSE or STOP button(s). Clicking the PAUSE button again will resume play where you paused.
  7. All players will continue to play the next song in the list unless you choose to click a different song to begin playing elsewhere.
  8. You can also go BACK one song or FORWARD one song by clicking on the BACK or FORWARD button(s).
  9. It is highly recommended that you don't start two or more players at once -- the sounds you will hear will be a combination of all music selected.
  10. Of course if you don't want to hear the music -- turn your speakers off -- or simply use the players volume slider and move it all the way to the left to turn off the sound. Enjoy!!!!!